DeWayne with Tour Group at Tamar
Blossoming Rose Tours

Dr. DeWayne Coxon, the founder of Blossoming Rose, began traveling to the Middle East in 1965. At first his interest was in solar energy in Israel because of the academic emphasis placed on alternative energies at the college where he was employed. His interest later changed to the historic and religious aspects of the Middle East.

In 1979 he began hosting tours to Israel. Many people traveled with him to Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey studying the biblical history of those countries. Blossoming Rose was also involved in humanitarian projects that helped both Jews and Arabs by sponsoring a dental clinic for Moslem and Christian Arabs, assisting Jewish orphans from Chernobyl, and raising transportation dollars for Soviet, Indian, and Ethiopian Jews to move to Israel.

For the last few years the focus of Blossoming Rose has been exclusively on the development, maintenance, and security of Biblical Tamar Park in the Arava. The Israel Antiquities Authority and the Sapir Regional Council made it possible for Blossoming Rose to serve as curator of the archaeology site within the Park parameters and to have a twenty-four year lease agreement for the 55 acre site. This area is rich in history and it is the intent of the leadership of Blossoming Rose to use this historical region as a tool for educational purposes for the people of Israel and visitors to the area.